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Building Graphs and Dashboards

      Creating Visualizations     Document Number : A01 Revision Number : 01 Issue Date : 31/03/2017   Contents 1 Connecting to Cloudlytics 3                       Introduction Cloudlytics allows user to query their data and build custom visualizations to get deeper understanding of their…

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Configuring rsyslog with cloudlytics for monitoring

Cloudlytics supports following types of log processing for System and Application log, which will help you to monitor your systems and other important metrics. This document provides detailed information on how to configure your systems for each type of log in order to process your logs and monitor them through Cloudlytics. It might be possible…

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Configuring System and Application logs with Cloudlytics ( Only for Ubuntu with default installations using apt-get )

Cloudlytics currently support following types of log processing for System and Application log System logs General system logs SSH logs Application logs Apache access logs Apache error logs NGINX access logs NGINX error logs In order to configure any of the above logs for processing , please go through the following steps : Create a…

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